Luanne Gentilini

Luanne Gentilini co-founded Rocky Mountain Administrators, LLC in December of 2010. Luanne brings 18 years of TPA experience to the company as a leading expert in all business and customer service functions. Luanne began her career as a Claims Processor and later furthered her skills in the TPA business while doing Claims Management. This position's tasks included: Management of processors, Subrogation, Specific Stoploss Coordination, Aggregate Stoploss Coordination, Customer Service, Client Services and Plan Document Specialist. Over the past 18 years, she has obtained and implemented all of the current rules and regulations set forth by both the Federal and State Governments. She has become a leading expert in regulations regarding HIPAA, PAPACA, Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act, Pre-Existing Limitations, and more. Luanne later moved into the position of Preferred Provider Manager for 9 years; Negotiations on large claims, and adding In-house Preferred Provider contracts with Providers across Wyoming along with obtaining National Preferred Provider Contacts across the Nation.